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Tommy's Hot Tub Rental - What's New?

Updated: Mar 4

Welcome to the new Tommy's Hot Tubs! A lot more has changed other than the logo and website. So let's break down all the new updates and additions.

Woman in hot tub rental

We are now offering luxury hard hot tub rentals in addition to our inflatable soft tubs. We had so much fun renting out the inflatable tubs and we saw that all our customers really enjoyed them too. Unfortunately, these tubs don't work very well in the colder months. This means every year we had to close up in October and wait for Spring. Well not anymore!

With our new luxury hard tubs we can keep doing rentals thoughout the entire year. We listened to your feedback and here we are. The winter months are great for hot tubbing and now you can book a hot tub suited for Canadian winters with us.

Nordic Sport All-In 110V Hot Tub

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