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Why Rent A Hot Tub?

When talking to clients and friends, a question I get asked often is “why would anyone rent a hot tub?”. Simply, you can rent one for whatever reason you like. Just be glad the option is there!

Not everybody is able to purchase and maintain a hot tub. Not only can they be expensive, but they also require a fair amount of space and upkeep. Clients in homes with smaller backyards typically looking to rent a hot tub in Toronto could never part ways with their beautifully compact gardens just to have a hot tub throughout the year. And being honest with themselves, if they owned one - they wouldn’t even use it that often. Having the option to rent a hot tub, especially for a short amount of time gives everyone the chance to enjoy such a luxury!

“I get more excitement and fun out of renting the hot tub for an amazing weekend, rather than buying one all year. I feel like it would lose its specialness maybe?” - Carole, Guelph

I definitely agreed with Carole. She had planned her entire weekend, friends coming over to drink, listen to music and enjoy the nights. Then relaxing with her husband and kids during the day. She looked forward to her booking all month and even had decorations set up. This is exactly what I mean by owning a hot tub is an asset, hiring a hot tub is an experience!

If you’re looking to book a hot tub in Ontario or hire a portable inflatable spa, visit our bookings page at

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