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Most fun things to do in a rental hot tub

This our new blog, so we wanted to start off with something fun. Here's our list of top 5 most fun things to during a hot tub rental .

  1. Throw a hot tub party While this one feels like a no brainer, throwing a hot tub party is a lot of fun. Having some drinks while relaxing in a hot tub is a whole lot of fun. Drinking games are even more fun in a tub, nothing beats playing with water guns or a waterproof deck of cards.

  2. Set up a projector A white sheet screen and a mini project will have you living in luxury! Watch your favourite movies and tv shows while bubbling away during your hot tub rental. It gets pretty noisy with the jets on so make sure you've got a decent speaker or the bubbles may need to be off during viewing.

  3. Have a spa day Essentials oils, face masks, and calming music may be just the thing you need to release the week's stress. Mix in a glass of wine and you're well on your way to having the best stay-at-home spa retreat. 140 hot tub jets are sure to leave you extremely relaxed.

  4. Listen to music We promise your favourite albums will sound even better when you're neck-deep in 40 degree water. You'll be transported to a different world. Heck, you'll even forget you rented a hot tub.

  5. Meditate This one may not be for everybody, but hear us out. Taking some well-deserved time to just sit and reflect is so good for the mind, body and soul. Getting to that level of calm and empty-mindedness is much easier in a hot tub - we're sure there's a scientific reason for this but for now you'll just have to trust us.

If you'd like to book one of our luxury inflatable hot tubs and spas please visit the online bookings page.

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